Send us samples you have received from other places or have found in what you consider to be Real Touch flowers.  We will authenticate/verify if these are indeed Real Touch flowers.  If you book with us, we will give you a 5% discount off your entire package for submitting your samples.  We will use the same flowers in your wedding flower package as the samples you sent in if they are 1- indeed real touch, 2- not dicontinued, and 3- are available.  If the flowers are not real touch, we will provide you with genuine Real Touch flower options.   If you decide not to book with us, we will return your flowers ASAP!
(we will honor samples that are not already on our site as examples of real touch flowers or are not in our online store....these are all real touch flowers

We will pay for 1st class USPS shipping both ways!
Please send your samples to:

777  N 3029th Rd
UTICA, IL 61373
(779) 213-4721
Business hours are
 Mon.- Fri. 10am-7pm CST
Saturday 11am-4pm


Why are we doing this??

Up until the last few months, we never had so many requests for samples since new emerging online sites have been offering samples or sample bouquets to show their quality of flowers could compete with the real touch wedding market that has been in existence for over 5 years. Several companies are incorrectly labeling/categorizing their flowers as REAL TOUCH.  We want you to know the difference!


For years, we have set the bar for high quality.  Our most recent standard setting- for 2011, we will only be taking orders that will only include Real/Natural Touch flowers.  We will not offer rubbery, shiny latex flowers or standard silk for fillers. We will not sell basic silk flowers of any kind, ONLY real touch PREMIUM quality. We are involved constantly with our flower suppliers to expand the real touch lines.

Our referrals, as well as both new and past clients, know our quality is second to none.  We will not be doing "sample" bouquets to prove our quality and craftsmanship.  In most cases, this is an attempt by a "comparison shopper" or competitor to purchase our flowers in a small quantity to gain knowledge for one particular reason- to find out our quality and send/give it to another designer to locate the same flowers.  Thus, the other designer offers a lower price than ours to gain the shopper's business.

If you have never felt a "real/fresh/natural touch flower",  we will be more than happy to send you out a single real touch flower for a very minimal price so you can experience the real touch difference.  We cannot guarantee that it will be the exact flower you are specifically looking for if it is not in stock here & is a custom order.  Also, the maximum request will be for 2 real touch flowers per household.   Why?  This is a pretty good giveaway that someone is looking to share flower knowledge with another designer or online competitor, not just to see our quality.  Please understand we have been in business as ANGEL'S ACCENTS for 13 years(since July 1, 2001).  We have been through MANY experiences both online & local.  Because of our insight, we are able to understand exactly what is happening with sample requests.

Why pay $30-$40 for a sample bouquet that contains mainly all 1 type of flower?

If you would like more than 2 samples after a booking deposit has been placed, we will be glad to send some flowers to be viewed- at no cost- that will be used in your custom package.  Our flower orders are 100% CUSTOM-meaning they are designed to your exact specifications.  We do not offer "standard" bouquets due to the high demand for custom designs.  When we purchase from our high quality floral suppliers, we are required to purchase in minimums of  6 or 12 stems.  If we do not have a stem for a custom order here, we will not be purchasing 6 or 12 stems in order to send a flower sample to a comparison shopping bride.

Our bookings that are now available from  NOVEMBER 2014 and beyond, are a pretty good indicator of how reputable our Premium quality flowers are We display our bookings openly on the PKG UPDATE pages(unlike our competitors), so that there is no deception as to how far in advance we are really booked up for. These are REAL brides that have REAL ship dates/need by dates and REAL approval slideshows.  These are also all wedding flower package purchases, not sample or stem orders to give the impression we have more business than what we really do.

THANK YOU in advance for understanding our sample policy!