Custom Designed Packages


Each package is a customized creation.  No two weddings are the same. Silk flowers vary in price by type and size.   Just like fresh flowers, they come in several textures as well.   A package will be designed specifically for you with your requested flower colors, type, style, and size.  Each package is created to fit a client's budget, whether big or small.


 THESE ARE FLORIST/DESIGNER QUALITY, not Walmart/Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Craft Store, etc. You will be very pleased!


IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you place your flower order at least 6-8 months in advance.  Let us explain why.  The latest designs by Angel's Accents and our floral suppliers are becoming very "in demand".  Both have the  desire to provide you with the latest  flower trends, superb quality, and the most up to date styles on the market.

If  extremely popular flowers(callas, new natural touch roses,  tropical flowers, etc.)  need to be restocked,  it is taking a minimum of 2-6 months to replenish flowers.  The  floral suppliers receive the flowers directly from the manufacturer overseas.  The flowers are shipped on large vessels that  travel by way of ocean & have to go through the US customs as well.  This sometimes causes minor delays.

Angel's Accents does have many dozens(even 100's) of popular flowers in stock regularly.  However, with 4-6 weddings per week during busy seasons, at times flowers still need to be restocked.  So we ask you order early to guarantee availability.


ALL orders will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Click here to check current orders in progress.

Example: A bride orders her flowers with the required deposit 6 months prior to her wedding date.  She will receive access to the in-stock flowers or back-ordered flowers before a bride who waits until 6 weeks before her wedding date to order wedding flowers.

ALL clients making package purchases will be required to sign and submit the "FLOWER CONTRACT"  with the proper deposit before design work begins.  This is to ensure that both party's needs are met.


ANGEL'S ACCENTS is striving to make your online wedding flower experience convenient, economical, efficient, and with less travel & stress you would encounter at a traditional florist.


Because of  all you brides & your positive experiences,  Angel's Accents is rapidly growing! THANK YOU!

We are implementing more structured procedures to ensure we meet the demands of our expanding bridal clientele.

Here's what a package order will consist  of:

1. Please fill out the QUOTE or ORDER FORM page as accurately and as detailed as possible, even if you are just requesting a quote.  Be specific with flower styles, colors, sizes, etc.  The more we know, the more tailored to your specifications your package will be.

2. ANGEL'S ACCENTS will call or email you (whichever you selected as your preferred method) to go over the order form in detail.  This is considered your initial consultation and is FREE.  This consultation will be in depth & detailed to make sure everything is documented correctly.

This section has been amended due to issues with clients unable to make their deposits-

We now only schedule consultations with Angel(owner & designer)  for brides who are 100% certain they will be booking their wedding date with us and are no longer comparison shopping- after the 60% deposit is made and contract signed.

For brides who do not wish to pay the deposit prior to the consultation,  a fee of $50 will be charged if requesting a consultation.  The $50 fee will be credited to the wedding flower package purchase if the bride books her date with our company.

If the bride does not book her date, the fee is non-refundable and no credit will be given.

What will be discussed during the consultation with Angel:

1. During the consultation we will go thoroughly
over your estimate and flower choices as well as any questions you may have (policies, procedures, approval photos, etc). It is always helpful if you have made a list of questions prior to the consultation. We will then be able to answer your questions in detail without confusion or misunderstanding.

2. Payment & Contract.
Please be prepared to make your payment/deposit in a timely manner. If paying through Paypal, payment must be received within 3 days of receipt of the Paypal invoice that is requested.  If paying with a credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX), deposit is now required prior to your consultation or you will lose your ship date. If for some reason you need more time, please let us know before scheduling the consultation when you plan to make your deposit/payment so we can temporarily hold the ship date- we will not hold dates without a full 60% deposit that are being squeezed in or the last ship date available for the month.
We understand events do arise that can prevent an immediate payment/deposit. We know weddings can be costly and that several wedding vendors require deposits for their services as well.

A signed contract will need to be received within 3 business days by fax/email (if by snail mail, within 7 days) of placing your deposit.

**Please do not schedule your consultation for 2-3 weeks out and expect us to hold your ship date without a deposit and signed contract. 
Scheduling a consultation does not guarantee your booking. Due to the high volume of inquiries and quote form submissions weekly we cannot possibly hold a date for 2-3 weeks if you are comparison shopping and waiting to hear back from another designer. We have recently had to cancel consultations for brides who scheduled their consultations so far out due to other brides who made their proper deposit and signed their contracts for the same ship dates.**


3.  Once you've decided what your wedding package will consist of, please sign & submit the "FLOWER CONTRACT" with appropriate deposit.  No package will be started until this step is completed.  

4.  60 days before your Wedding Date or requested date, you will be contacted again if the client requestsFinal Consultation .  We will go over once again your package details with you to make sure everything is in order.  At this time, you are able to make any additions that you may have omitted in the initial consultation.  Colors and styles may not be changed.  Your flowers were purchased within 48 hours of  receiving your deposit. We do purchase extras in case of last minute add-ons.

  Flowers will not be completed/released for shipping until paid in full.

5. SIT BACK, RELAX, & focus on other wedding details.  Your flowers are being designed to your exact

6. 3-4 weeks prior to the Wedding Date or requested date, you will receive an email directly from the carrier with your tracking information. Please make sure we have your most current email address. If for any reason the ship date is changed it will be posted on the PKG UPDATE page.

7. In 1-5 business days, depending on your location, you will receive your wedding flower package. It will contain these items:  photos of your specific arrangements, photos of the box being properly packaged, a list of your arrangements ordered, a THANK YOU card, and ALL of YOUR FLOWERS!  Copies of photographs and written documents are kept on file with Angel's Accents for  at least 3 years.


Angel's Accents is not responsible for damage incurred through shipping or improper flower handling.  Please contact the carrier and Angel's Accents within 48 hours of delivery.  We will help you fill out claim forms if necessary.

OUR SHIPPING COMPANY IS VERY RELIABLE!  We have had only 2 claims with over 500 shipments (less than 1%).

99%  Positive!

Although silk flowers are not as delicate as fresh, they still need to be handled properly.  Keep them stored in their original packaging(box, wax paper, tissue paper, etc.) to prevent unwanted damage due to environmental elements.  Refrain from handling frequently.  We love to show our flowers to everyone, but ribbons can become smooshed & bouquets can lose their shape if overly handled.

(If you are having a photo shoot prior to your wedding date,  please take precautions with handling your flowers)

Please see below for a list of procedures! 
Thanks again for your cooperation during this hectic time!

We are working hard to streamline our procedures, and are grateful for your cooperation and understanding while we undergo and complete these transitions!

As you can see below, due to business expansion, we are no longer able to list packages by estimated ship dates.  Because Angel will be working on 3 packages simultaneously each week from now until 2012, we will be implementing the following procedure changes

1.  Packages are listed by the month they will be shipping in, with the need by date listed next to the name.  These are not necessarily listed in the order they will go out.
2.  Final payments will be due the first of the month before your package will be shipping.  EX:  Your package is shipping April 2009, your final payment will be due no later than March 1, 2009.
(Any questions, please ask!)
3.  All packages will be going out at the beginning of the week. 
You will receive your package BY YOUR NEED BY DATE, even if we get delayed and have to expedite it at OUR COST!
5.  All approval photos will be taken on Fridays- if your package is scheduled to ship, please check this page on Fridays!  Your photo will be posted here by Friday night.  You will have 72 hours to let us know
( if you approve, otherwise, your package will go out as is at the beginning of the week.  Please remember that if you chose to have changes made to your bouquet, there may be a charge, and it will delay your shipping (we do not charge for a change in the ribbon:)
6.  Stem orders will be packed and shipped on Fridays.
7.  Due to the large request in custom dying of flowers, all dying will be done on Saturdays.  This allows us a full day to dye all stems for the following week's orders.









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