Do the flowers look as good in person as they do in the photographs on the site?
First let us tell you our photos ARE NOT PHOTOSHOPPED, airbrushed, color enhanced, or professionally done by a friend/family member who knows enhancing techniques.  Angel actually does all of the photo taking herself.  Although she did major in advertising layout & design in college,  photography by far, she has not mastered.  However, she does know what background colors will make your flowers "pop".  This is very beneficial when you want the flowers to stand out against a bride's/bridesmaid's dress. 

The only alterations done to the pictures are cropping(trimming the photo to center the object) and adding light to a photo that has photographed too dark.
You can notice cloth behind most arrangements, NOT perfectly white/black backgrounds with arrangements looking as though they are suspended in air or unbelievably bright colors...a sure sign of photoshopping! 

The best way to get an idea of what your flowers will really look like is to take pictures of them in natural OUTDOOR lighting.  And yes, we apologize to the brides that we've made wait an extra day or two to see their approval photo because of unwanted and unexpected weather conditions. 

We have 2 recent examples of how real our flowers look in person.
1) We've had several brides get stopped in
     customs while entering another country
     to have their flowers examined.  They were 
     actually pulled aside to "test" their flowers.
     The flowers were touched and smelled to make
     sure they were not real.  It certainly didn't help 
     matters that we added a soft fragrance before
     shipping our flowers to our brides!

2) On more than one occasion we've had brides
     tell us they had an event planner/wedding 
     coordinator or relative actually put the flowers  
     in water because they thought the flowers 
     were real.  An even more humorous story 
     involved a bride's relative putting one of
     our corsages into the refrigerator so it 
     wouldn't wilt!

Just look at some of our destination wedding pictures our brides have submitted of their weddings.  Our bouquets look beautiful in person and photograph exceptionally well. 

Who will be designing my arrangements?
Angel will be the only person creating/designing your floral arrangements.  She enjoys the creation process too much to become an "overseer" of others recreating or trying to copy her design style.  Her goal is not to mass produce arrangements. 

Right now there are 3 main priorities in her life (as stated so many times by a plethora of successful people).
1. Her religion(grateful for all that she has been given, including her well as a conscience)
2. Her Family (without them she would be incomplete as a person)
3. Her business (what she is extremely passionate about)   

Why do you not have prices listed next to your bouquets or have a shopping cart by them?
We specialize in CUSTOM wedding flowers, not bouquets that are pre-made and sitting around our shop waiting to be purchased, only to be customized by adding a different ribbon color.  It is impossible to give an exact amount when each design is customized to the bride's specifications.  We update our site daily with new photos of designs recently created and now have over 2500 photos. 

What bride wants to purchase floral arrangements from a designer who has the same exact photos on their site for the past 2 years with only one or two new designs added?   

We enjoy creating designs that are uniquely your own.  Each bride is distinctively different, so their wedding flowers should match their own personality and tastes.

Also, why try to confuse brides by having prices and a shopping cart in the flower arrangement/package section when we are booked until well into the following year ( AUGUST 2013!)?  We'd continually have to turn this section on & off or give brides their money back who actually went through with the transaction. 

From the very beginning, ANGEL'S ACCENTS has prided itself on individuality.  We do not want to be like other online florists with few choices or limited examples.  We want to stand out, just like brides who want their floral arrangements to stand out.

We can make your flowers look EXTRAORDINARY, not just ordinary run of the mill wedding flowers.

Our photos are only a small fraction of the unlimited possibilities. And are meant solely to give you ideas to help create your own special design.

We believe our PREMIUM QUALITY, CREATIVITY, and HIGH NUMBER OF REFERRALS speak louder than written words and we are not going to be condescending to our brides because of their lack of flower knowledge .  Our clients know "seeing & feeling is believing" when they receive their flowers from us.  They also know a line of BS when they see or hear it too.

Do you sell hair flower arrangements?
Yes we do!  We can put ANY of the wedding flowers you have in your package(that are of appropriate size) on combs, barrettes, clips, or pins.  We ONLY sell these with package purchases, not separately/alone.

How long will it take for me to get a response back regarding the quote form I submitted?
Normally, 24-48  hours.

What should I do if I do not receive a response within 24-48 hours?
PLEASE contact us by phone or email.
(309) 750-1116

How much of a deposit do I need for my package?
If your package is $600 or less, you will need to pay IN FULL to book your date & start your package.

If you package is more than $600, you have the option to put 60% of your entire wedding package total down for deposit to book your date.  Design work DOES NOT begin until the package is PAID IN FULL.

When is my final payment due?
On or before the date 60 days prior to your "need by date" you filled out on the original quote form.
Example- You put a need by date of January 1st 2011 on your quote form. Your final payment is due NO LATER than November 1st 2010.

When will my flowers be shipped? 
We will schedule your ship date approximately 2-4 weeks before your "need by date" you filled out on your quote form.  You may request an earlier ship date, however, your final payment would then be due 60 days prior to the earlier ship date.  We must approve this first.

Why is the shipping and handling not a flat rate?
Shipping and handling costs cover not only the actual shipping charges, but also the time and care it takes to package your arrangements.  Angel packs every box personally, and takes great care to ensure your arrangements arrive safely.  Sometimes this takes two or more hours, depending on the size of the package.  Pictures are taken through-out the packing process, so that "just in case" you have to file a claim with the shipping company for a damaged package, you have it for documentation.  Don't worry:)  This has only happened once!  If by chance something does happen, we will help you file your claim.

Why do you have fresh flower photos on your site in the JHC section?
First and foremost, we ARE NOT trying to be deceptive and pass these off as our own designs. 

Angel as a designer,  who does both artificial and fresh flowers, feels the most realistic artificial designs are created by viewing fresh flowers either in person or in a photograph.  More than 95%  of our "example photos" submitted by our brides used to create their designs are of fresh flower photos, WE LOVE THE ONES THAT COME FROM THEKNOT.COM.  Very few brides have ever sent in example photos of artificial designs to create their flowers(unless from our very own site).  Which makes perfect sense.  Why would you want your wedding flowers to look like they are artificial?

Rather than having our brides search all over the web & in wedding magazines for examples, it's much easier for them to just stay in one place.  

These are not just out of date stock photos.  Go to one of your most trendy, up-to-date local florists.  Most likely, they will have these wedding design photos in a book or on a cd for you to view. These photos are of creations from well known designers in the fresh floral industry.

We like to stay current with design techniques, styles, & colors for our clients!
(NOT re-designing our classics because we haven't come up with fresh new ideas)

How is a hand-tied bouquet created?
"Florists create hand-tied bouquets by placing the stems of the flowers, foliage and accessories in their hand and wrapping them around the center of the design until they are securely fastened. These arrangements are designed to show the natural growth of the stems, which are often wrapped in ribbon or french braided together."

Correct creation of a hand-tied bouquet by ANGEL'S ACCENTS. 

Image Original stems gathered, floral taped, & wrapped with ribbon. (Many times the designer has to bend & shape the flower stems to achieve this design. Notice how clean the stems are cut?)

Incorrect creation of a hand-tied bouquet

example of incorrect hand-tied bouquet

This is not a well constructed, hand-tied bouquet by any means.  Greenery and ribbon were added to camouflage the seams of two separate sets of stems (not very well done). The 1st set is the original stems.  The 2nd set was created by cutting the bottom 9-12 inches from the bottom of already used stems.  All you have to do is flip the bouquet upside down to see the shoddy construction.  Look at the bulge in the ribbon where the 2nd set of stems were added. 

True "hand-tied" bouquets do not involve wrapping cut off stems around original stems or around a bouquet holder.

Make sure you ask the designer how they will be creating your hand-tied bouquet.   

Why do you offer DIY stems if your company does complete wedding flower packages?
The main reason for adding the DIY stem section was because we just couldn't design every bride's wedding flowers who wanted us to create them.  For quality control purposes, we are not employing other designers.  Angel's floral designs are what built the business, not another designer who has a different design style.

We want to be able to offer brides the same quality of products we use, which are PREMIUM quality.  The companies we purchase from do not sell to the public, only to florists & designers, so brides would not have access to these flowers unless purchased from a florist or professional designer.

We understand with tough economic times it may be more cost efficient to go the DIY route.  Many brides or bride's relatives can be pretty creative when it comes to saving $$.  With 7 children,  Angel herself has been motivated creatively when it comes to saving some money. 

If a bride chooses to go this route, than why not be able to purchase the best quality stems?
It's not too difficult to create great looking floral arrangements when you start off with premium quality stems!!! 

Angel has worked with several brides who thought they couldn't be creative, let alone put their bouquet together.  They did actually come out looking great:) 

How long will it take to receive my DIY stems?
Approximately 2-4 weeks-  if in stock.  In most cases, less than 30 days. RUSH orders will have an additional fee apply.

How long has ANGEL'S ACCENTS been around for?
For those interested....ANGEL'S ACCENTS has been doing business and has been registered with the state of Illinois since July 1st, 2001.  We are on record as a registered business with the state of IL!

You can actually find us on the web since 2002!

 I cannot say thank you enough to all our clients for their continued support.

~Angelyn Edwall/Owner  

We believe continually improving our floral arrangements is an ongoing process. Those who don't, end up losing business because of it.

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