When comparing us to other online vendors,
please take the time to do research & keep the following in mind:

A. What quality are you really getting for the price?

B. What type of craftmanship are you really receiving?

C. What type of packaging are you receiving? 



With the economy the way it is, it’s been amazing to hear stories of what companies are telling their clients to get business or take away business. It’s very dishonest to say all "touch" lines are the same quality or the same price.
 Even if a website shows tags from Real Touch, Fresh Touch, or Floramatique flowers- it does not mean they are using them in your arrangements. 

 If our price quote is  higher, there’s a reason.
 We’re using the higher quality flowers, not because we can’t get them as low priced as another designer.

100% LATEX flowers are NOT premium Real Touch Flowers.
They are simply RUBBER!

Please see the stages of development that were used to achieve PREMIUM Real Touch flowers.

1. Standard Silk

2. Latex covered polyester

3. Latex

4. Hardened Latex/Foam

5. Floramatique

You may see all stages on our site in the
Design Gallery.
We keep these on the site to show you how we have constantly upgraded flower quality for our clients over
the past 8-9 years to keep our reputation for high quality designs.

Many of our clients appreciate the vast number of designs to choose from.  We upgrade our past designs with ALL premium Real Touch flowers!

Below we will demonstrate which flowers are higher quality and cost more. "A" will be the higher quality and pricier flowers. "B" will be of lesser quality and less expensive.



A:Image    B:Image


A:Image   B:Image


A:Image   B:Image

A:Image   B:Image

A:Image   B:Image

A:Image   B:Image



PLEASE be very aware of what you’re getting when you are price comparison shopping with other companies. Find out the exact quality you are receiving. We’ve heard many times "oh (this designer) carries the same quality as
ANGEL’S ACCENTS and has much lower pricing." We’ve seen pictures of the designs and by no means are these the same quality.


What does the end quality look like?

1. Are the stems even?
2. Does the arrangement have a great overall shape?
3. Can you visually see glue on the seams of the wrap?
4. Does the ballet style or criss crossing of ribbon on the wrap
look haphazardly constructed?
4. Are the flowers and colors realistic looking?

Remember, these are things to consider when price comparing as well.

Here's a sample of OUR stem wrap:

A sample of an online competitor-
example of incorrect hand-tied bouquet


What type of packaging will your flower be shipped in?

Okay, you've spent a pretty penny on your flowers and want them in perfect condition when you receive them, right?

1. We use ONLY
new corrugated heavy duty cardboard boxes when we ship your packages.

2. We will NEVER use those tacky styrofoam peanuts!  What a mess that causes when opening.  They actually can cause damage to the flowers during delivery since they do not hold your arrangements in place.

3.  We use professional tissue paper, as well as individual corsage boxes and boutonniere boxes.  This enhances presentation and also prevents damage during shipping.

Just like when receiving fresh flowers from your local retail florist, we want you to have that same experience when you open your flower packages! 

The package below is a sample of what you would receive


Everyone seems to be wondering "what’s the difference between Natural, Real, Fresh, True, and Soft Touch flowers?"these days. There’s just no getting away from the topic. It’s been a major discussion on the Dishing Designers forum among us designers as well. We get emails and phone calls from prospective clients and even some of our suppliers regarding this subject. Our best answer was given from one of the very first importers of the "touch" lines, which they used the Natural Touch phrase to describe their new line and still call it this today. Thank you Sue B. For the following answer:

"Thetouchterminology refers to the coating that is applied onto a material such as silk or polyester." The coating gives a very natural, life-like feel. However, the difference in these flowers is the base material. Some materials are thicker, while others may have a thinner quality. It is the preference of ANGEL’S ACCENTS to have a slightly thicker material with the "touch" coating (not to be confused with a really thick material used in the preliminary stage) and here’s why: 

1. 95% of our clients are Destination brides.

2. The thicker material is much more durable and can withstand travel to other countries as well as being packed in luggage, bags, etc. without losing their shape.

3. The thinner material is a cheaper and flimsier material that is not as durable and many times causes the flowers to look smashed and causes them to lose their shape. We do find other companies who promote this line, however, we believe it is dishonest to describe this line as the best available or the most realistic.

4. The detail on the the thicker material is usually much better as well and looks closer to nature.

 Since the introduction of the Natural Touch line other importers have added similar names to describe their line that they are selling. Examples....Real Touch, True Touch, Soft Touch, etc.

Okay, now some added confusion. We began looking at all our supplier’s (which we have many) tags, labels, descriptions etc. We found that Natural and Real touch flowers were quite similar, if not identical. Then we looked into the Fresh Touch labels. Two companies on the East Coast were using this terminology. The feel and thickness of the flowers were once again about the same as the Natural and Real touch labeled flowers. HOWEVER , a company on the West Coast(which is no longer in business) had a label of Fresh Touch too and these WERE NOT the same. They were a cheaper, thinner, and flimsier material. The price was about 1/3 less. Several companies outside the US were using these in their arrangements and putting them in the same class as the Natural or Real Touch which was quite deceiving.

Then of course, the True Touch line which is used by Hobby & Craft stores, is a mixture of high and lower quality "touch" flowers.

 Let’s not forget the Floramatique flowers(foam feeling). These are poured into a mold to be created and are not really in the same classification as Natural or Real Touch. They have a different texture and feel to them. This line is rather pricey, but the callas and amaryllis are VERY realistic. However, not all flower types are extremely realistic and still need some major detail upgrading. Some have too many petals or parts that are very flimsy and tear easily. Not good qualities when durability is an issue. Another issue I have with some of these flowers, such as the lilies and orchids, they are just too big too look right in a bouquet. Maybe an altar arrangement or a large centerpiece, but not in a bouquet.

 As a designer, this whole terminology has been tricky to describe to brides. We can only imagine as a bride just how difficult it would be to decipher which designer was being honest about the "best" quality. If a designer has only been in the business for a short time, they may think they are actually giving the "best" product to their client since they may not have access yet to other suppliers who carry a better product. So in their opinion, they can say they are giving you the best quality.

At ANGEL’S ACCENTS, we look at 2 very important qualities. 

1. Is it the most botanically correct? (Most life-like or natural looking)

2. Does it feel as real as possible?


 Angel is a designer of both "fresh" and "artificial" flowers which is a definite benefit.

Working with fresh flowers Angel can study the details of a real flower and determine which artificial flowers have the most "natural correctness" on a daily basis. Now a designer who only has experience with artificial flowers realistically may not have the same eye for what is the most life-like artificial flowers.

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