September 2009- 2012
Shipping Schedule



Please see below for a list of procedures! 

Thanks again for your cooperation during this hectic time!

We are working hard to streamline our procedures, and are grateful for your cooperation and understanding while we undergo and complete these transitions!

As you can see below, due to business expansion, we are no longer able to list packages by estimated ship dates.  Because Angel will be working on 3 packages simultaneously each week from now until 2012, we will be implementing the following procedure changes

1.  Packages are listed by the month they will be shipping in, with the need by date listed next to the name.  These are not necessarily listed in the order they will go out.
2.  Final payments will be due the first of the month before your package will be shipping.  EX:  Your package is shipping April 2009, your final payment will be due no later than March 1, 2009.
  (Any questions, please ask!)
3.  All packages will be going out at the beginning of the week. 
4.  You will receive your package BY YOUR NEED BY DATE, even if we get delayed and have to expedite it at OUR COST!
5.  All approval photos will be taken on Fridays- if your package is scheduled to ship, please check this page on Fridays!  Your photo will be posted here by Friday night.  You will have 24 hours to let us know
) if you approve, otherwise, your package will go out as is at the beginning of the week.  Please remember that if you chose to have changes made to your bouquet, there may be a charge, and it will delay your shipping (we do not charge for a change in the ribbon:)
6.  Stem orders will be packed and shipped on Fridays.
7.  Due to the large request in custom dying of flowers, all dying will be done on Saturdays.  This allows us a full day to dye all stems for the following week's orders.
SEPTEMBER- 0 spots open

Meghan Eckenfels(pif)-09/21/09

Tricia Perry-09/20 wedding 9/25-shipped & received
Sarah Dampier (pif)- 10/1/09-shipping

Heather Dooley (pif)- 10/1/09-shipped

Angela Pomerleau (pif)- 10/10/09-shipped

Michelle Lito- 10/17/09-completed
Julie Surrett(pif)-10/17-shipped

Jamie Louisiana (pif)-10/24/09- working on

Evelyn Talbot(pif)-11/01/09-working on

Alison Witte(pif)- 11/01/09-working on

Mary Souder (pif) (duplicate bouquet)-working on

Stephanie Victor(pif)-01/04/10-working on

Alicia Smith (pif)- 11/4/09-working on

Cindy Sanchez(pif)- 11/1 for a 2/1/10 wedding-working on


Jill Adler  (pif)- 12/1/09-

Cassandra Harriman(pif)-11/15 for a 3/10/10 -


April Krebs(pif)- 1/10 for 5/10 
wedding-working on

NOVEMBER- 0 spots open 

December- 0 spots open

No shipping between 11/4/09 and 1/4/2010


JANUARY 2010- 0 dates left

Shante Bronson-1/12/2010

Elora Coonfield- approval pic 1/15

Helen M. 2/2010- approval pic 1/15

Lorrie Doyle- 1/21 for 2/17 wedding-approval pic 1/15

Danielle Bruers-end of Jan for  3/10 wedding-approval pic 1/15


Sarah Jones- 2/1/10-approval pic 1/22

Stephanie Adamson-2/5 for 2/15/10 wedding-approval pic 1/22

Jennifer Chapa-2/14 for 2/21 wedding-approval pic 1/29

Bethany D- 2/10 wedding-approval pic 1/29

 FEBRUARY 2010- 0 ship dates left
Veronica Hornung-early February-approval pic Feb 4th

Colleen Trahan-2/15-approval pic Feb 4th

Miranda Cole- 3/11 for a Sept 2010 wedding-approval pic Feb 15th

Ali Gaines- 3/30 for a 5/15 wedding-working on

Jessica Barnes-3/17 for a 4/17 -working on

Erica Sanders 3/15 -approval pic Feb 26th

Stacey Dalton 4/1-approval pic Feb 26th

Lynsey Baird- Wedding 3/27

Bridal Shoot Bouquet

Candice Welch-4/1-working on

Thu-Ha Nguyen 3/30 for a June 2010

MARCH 2010- 0 ship dates left

Jennifer Kuti- 3/29-approval photo-Thurs Mar 11

Stefanie Camire-4/2-approval photo-

Rebecca Minton-approval photo-Fri. Mar 12 

Gemma Sanders(pif)- approval photo-Fri. Mar 12 

-We do not give approval photos for bouquets/arrangements chosen directly from the site.  Please do not ask us to do so unless you plan on paying the additional charges and risk your package being delayed (4-7 days).
-The date next to your name is YOUR NEED BY DATE as stated in the PROCEDURES above.  It is NOT your ship date.(you may also see your photo approval date next to your name too).
-Any late payments (payments received after the date stated on the signed contract) will delay the shipping of your package.
-These procedures apply to ALL clients.

Tiffany Beaudreaux-4/1(chose photo from site)
Lynn Godding-4/1(Best Seller from site) 
Lori Littlejohn-4/1-approval photo-Fri. Mar 19

Tracy  Iead- 4/1-approval photo-Fri. Mar 19

Kirsty Power

Nikki Beltz- early April (chose best seller from site)

The pics scheduled for the 26th have been moved to Sat the 27th...all completed...just taking photos:)
Laura Lagor- 4/15 for May 10 wedding-approval photo-Fri. Mar 26

Heather Hawryluk-4/15 -approval photo-Fri. Mar 26

Michelle Harper-4/10-approval photo-Fri. Mar 26

Candice Chessell-4/15
approval photo-Fri. Mar 26

APRIL 2010- 0 ship dates left
Kelly Heckle 4/15-approval photo-Sat. April 10 

Tiffany Levert-4-15-5/1-approval photo Mon. April 12th

Bridget Bonamese-approval photo Wed. April 14th

Holly Garvey-approval photo Fri. April 16th

The 3 clients below have been rescheduled for approval pics on Friday April 23rd.  Any necessary adjustments will be made over the weekend:)

1.Wendi Etzel-5/1-

2.April Crompton-5/1-

3.Christine Martinez-5/1 -

Mackenzie Fletcher-Shipped

Carolina Villegas-5/10 

MAY 2010- 0 ship date left 
Abby Alderman 5/15-approval photo-Mon May 3rd


Laura McGarry- 5/20 -approval photo Friday May 7th

Bianca Brad-early June-approval photo Friday May 14th

Amber Consoli- 6/5- approval photo Friday May 14th

Carrie Althouse-6/5-approval photo Friday May 21st

Ashley Hotz- July 1-approval photo Friday May 21st

Katie Norwick-6/15-approval photo Friday May 21st

Kimberly Stanley- June 25- approval photo Friday May 28th

Elizabeth C-10/1- approval photo Friday May 28th-
look for photos over holiday weekend
Angela Gardiner-July 1-approval photo Friday May 28th

JUNE 2010- 0 ship date left
Samantha Spiller 6/15-approval photo June 2

Cindy Fister 6/15-approval photo June 4

Cindy Black 6/25-Shipping June 7, chose from site

Ashlee Craig-7/10/10-approval pic June11

Lori Jenkins- 7/1 wedding 7/17-
approval pic June 11

Tunia Jackson-approval pic June 18th

Xiomara Ortiz -7/17-approval pic June 18th

Sarah Levesque- actual wedding 8/2010
-sent via email

JULY 2010- 0 ship dates left
Ashley Blackburn-approval pic July 1st

Melissa Dine 7/24-approval pic July 9th

Sarah Hamel-8/1-approval pic July 9th

Lauren Kolich 8/1- shipping July 19th-chose photo
directly from site

The 4 packages below have had approval photos moved to Wed July 28th thru Fri July 30th
ALL will be guaranteed by their need by dates!

More pictures for a couple larger weddings
over the weekend:)

Alicia Cross-mid August

Annie Gunteski-8/7

Kemba Thomas-8/24-

Amy Demuele-8/14-chose photo from site 

AUGUST 2010- 0 ship dates left
Vanessa Benson 8/15-approval photo Wed Aug 4th 

Jackie Saunders 8/18- approval pic Fri Aug 6th

Samantha Harrison 8/25- approval pic Wed Aug 11th

Azalea Wong- 8/28 for 10/2010 wedding- approval pic Wed Aug 18th

Nicole Essl 9/1- approval pic Sat Aug 28th
Crazy about Camo!

Rose Peralta 9/10-chose photo from the site-no photos-shipping Mon Aug 30th

Kym Paulson 9/7-approval pic Mon. Aug 30

SEPTEMBER 2010- 0 ship dates left
Connie Colon- 9/08/2010-  approval pic Sept 7

Tracy Nagel 10/1-approval pic Sept 7

Jean Hoffman 10/1  -approval pic Sun Sept 12

Becky Lewis 10/1

Alicia S

Pat Kemper 10/1 -approval pic Fri Sept 17

Sara Hackleman 10/13-approval pic Fri Sept 17

Michele Kukulski(meeting 1/2 way)-approval pic Mon Sept 20 

April Johnson 10/9-approval pic Fri Sept 24



OCTOBER 2010- 0 ship dates left
Melody Dugas 10/15-approval pic OCT 1

Meghan Brown 10/15-approval pic OCT 1

Meghan Winn 11/1-approval pic OCT 8

Monica Allen(needs at hotel on 11/5)-approval pic OCT 15

Janine Atkinson-

Danyette Osborne 11/15-approval pic OCT 15

Karlee Nordal   11/5-approval pic OCT 15

OCT 15-OCT31 will be spent getting our 2 new websites up and running-
We will still be OPEN for business!

NOVEMBER 2010-0 ship dates left
Emily Kleier  12/1-approval pic Fri. Nov 12th

Briana S. 11/28-approval pic Fri. Nov 12th

Danielle Strieby 1/11-approval pic Fri. Nov 12th

FRIDAY NOV. 12th Photos rescheduled for
TUESDAY NOV 16th- Angel is out w/ the flu:(

 Joy C Wu-approval pic Fri. Nov 19th

Karen Speedy-approval pic Fri. Nov 19th
Distinctive Wedding & Events-

Allie Westfall-approval pic Fri. Nov 26th

Angela Thompson 1/1-approval pic Fri. Nov 26th

DECEMBER 2010- 0 ship dates left
Niki Rutter- 1/11 for 4/11 wedding-approval pic Fri. Dec. 3rd
Heather Johnson 1/11-approval pic Fri. Dec. 3rd

Jenn Blades-1/20-approval pic Fri. Dec.10th

Beth Anne Kelly 1/5-approval pic Fri. Dec. 10th

Ada Chan 12/28

NO SHIPPING DEC. 10, 2010-JAN. 5, 2011


Karren Wan-approval photo Jan 7th 

The 3 clients with approval photos for Jan 12th and 14th  have been resceduled for Mon. Jan 17th due to a slight unexpected delay this week.  We apologize for the minor delay & will still guarantee delivery by the end of January as stated on their contracts.
1.Diana P.-End of January -approval photo Jan 12th-rescheduled for Jan 17th

2.Melodie Moscrop-End of January-approval photo Jan 12th-rescheduled for Jan 17th

3.Melissa Cross 2/1-approval photo Jan 14th-

rescheduled for Jan 17th

Theresa Vertullo-first week of Feb approval photo Jan 19th

Bridget Hatchell-2/28 -approval photo Jan 21st 

Lisa Allen-approval photo Jan 28th-rescheduled for Feb 4th due to dyeing additional stems 

FEBRUARY 2011-0 ship dates left
 Laura Gratz-2/18-approval pic Friday Feb 4th

Katie Renn 2/22-approval pic Friday Feb  11th

Katrina Briggs 2/25-approval pic Friday Feb 11th

Chrissy Hodge 3/15- approval pic Friday Feb 18th

Heather Stimetz 3/25- approval pic Friday Feb 18th


Rachel Hietpas 3/21-approval pic FRI Feb 25th

Laura Gorman-approval pic FRI Feb 25th

Suzanna Czegel 3/25-approval pic SAT Feb 26th

Liz Kess 4/1- approval pic SAT Feb 26th 

Brittany Kemper-Bridal Bouquet photo- Mon Feb 28th

MARCH 2011
Dana Cairns-3/15-approval pic Wed March 2nd

Veronica Watson- April 1-approval pic Fri March 4th

Jennifer Hopkins- April 1-approval pic Fri March 4th

Samantha Spanel 4/1-approval pic Fri March 11th-
still working on- up by  Tues March 14th afternoon

Nicole W- 4/9-approval pic Fri March 11th

Ashley Riggs-April 22-approval pic Fri March 18th
APRIL 2011
Katie B.- April 12-approval pic Fri Mar 25th

Veena Abraham-April 27-approval pic Friday -April 1st

Amanda Miles-May 1-approval pic rescheduled for Tues April 12th 

Vincetta Taylor- May 12-approval pic rescheduled for Tues April 12th

****Unfortunately, Angel has been experiencing technical issues with her internet since Thursday afternoon (4/14) and will have to reschedule a couple of the packages below- new approval dates have been listed.  We sincerely apologize for minor delays.

Please contact us at (309) 750-1116, our business line,  if you need immediate assistance

Brittany Kemper-approval pic Monday April 18th

Amber Callihan-May-approval pic Friday April 22nd

Dana Rogers 5/1-approval pic Friday April 22nd

Jennifer Smith-May 25-approval pic Friday April  29th(still working on photos-will be up by Sat evening)

Mary Murphy

Anna Hayes approval pic Friday May 13th-rescheduled for Monday May 16th due to weather

Mei Tan approval pic Friday May 13th-rescheduled for Monday May 16th due to weather

Kim Loster approval pic Friday May 13th-rescheduled for Monday May 16th due to weather

McMenamin 6/15-approval pic Friday May 20th

JUNE 2011
Sharonte' Edmonds 6/13-approval pic Friday June 3rd

Kelly Ford 6/30--approval pic Friday June 3rd

Marti Graham 6/15-approval photo Monday June 13th

Uyen Z 7/1-approval photo Monday June 13th

Kady Cisse 7/1-approval photo Tuesday June 14th

Melanie Alston 6/24--approval photo Friday June 17th

Mellissa Kraft July 15-approval photo Friday June 17th

Dana Thomas 7/15-approval photo Friday June 17th

Jennifer Stockl 7/8-approval photo Friday June 24th

Courtney Hoyles 7/16-approval photo Friday June 24th

Heather Slaven 7/2-approval photo Friday June 24th

Melanie Jorgensen 7/22-approval photo Thursday June 30th

JULY 2011
Kechia Curlee-8/1-approval photo Friday July 8th
Amy Wicks 8/1-approval photo Friday July 8th

Courtney Collins--approval photo Friday July 8th

Yvonne Martinez-approval photo Friday July 15th

Lisa Cheatham 8/10-approval photo Friday July 15th

Kate Parish wedding 12/17/11-approval photo Friday July 29th

Anne Marie Cortina 8/12-approval photo Friday July 29th

Tamar Gehris 9/9-

Laura Angotti 8/15-approval photo Friday August 5th

Amie Corrigan 8/20-
approval photo Monday Aug 22nd

Tami Haskell 9/1-approval photo Monday August 22nd

Mackenzie Lister-

Stacey Defibaugh 9/8 -approval photo Wednesday August 24th

Michelle I . 9/15--approval photo Wednesday August 24th

Megan Franz 9/7-approval photo Friday August 26th

Nicole Kraftschik 9/8-approval photo Friday August 26th

Shavonne Munro 9/15-approval photo Friday
Sept. 6

Jennifer Cilella 9/17-approval photo Friday
Sept. 9

Adrienne Kubacki 9/22-approval photo Friday Sept.9br />

Gloria Hite 9/24-approval photo Friday Sept.9

Katie Lychko 10/1-approval photo
Tuesday Sept. 13

Jaclyn DaSilva-approval photo Friday Sept. 16

Amanda Campos 10/1-approval photo Friday
Sept. 16-chose photos directly from site
Melissa Hawkins 10/15-approval photo Friday
Sept. 23-chose bouquet directly from site

Janet B. 10/7

Melissa Baab 10/15

Nadine Drilon 10/1-photo from site

Kimberly Mead 10/09

Jaclyn Hermes 11/25

Shelagh McClean 10/21

Tiffany Wong 10/25

Christina Gatewood 11/15

Carol Pethel 11/10

Nenna 11/23-shipped & received
April Harrison 01/01 -approval photo Mon Dec 12th


Kelly Reeve  12/21-approval photo Mon Dec 12th

Amanda E. 1/15-approval photos Friday Dec 16th

Bridget Fuller 2/01-approval photos Friday Dec 30th
Alyssa R 2/01-approval photos Friday Dec 30th

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