Please see below for a list of procedures! 
Thanks again for your cooperation during this hectic time!

We are working hard to streamline our procedures, and are grateful for your cooperation and understanding while we undergo and complete these transitions!

As you can see below, due to business expansion, we are no longer able to list packages by estimated ship dates.  Because Angel will be working on 3 packages simultaneously each week from now until mid 2013, we will be implementing the following procedure changes

1.  Packages are listed by the month they will be shipping in, with the need by date listed next to the name.  These are not necessarily listed in the order they will go out.
2.  Final payments will be due the first of the month before your package will be shipping.  EX:  Your package is shipping April 2012, your final payment will be due no later than March 1, 2012.
  (Any questions, please ask!)
3.  All packages will be going out at the beginning of the week. 
4.  You will receive your package BY YOUR NEED BY DATE, even if we get delayed and have to expedite it at OUR COST!
5.  All approval photos will be taken on Wednesday & Saturday- if your package is scheduled to ship, please check this page on Fridays!  Your photo will be posted here by the evening of your approval photo date.   We will notify you if there are any delays on our end.   You will have 72 hours to let us know
if you approve, otherwise, your package will go out as is at the beginning of the week.  Please remember that if you chose to have changes made to your bouquet, there may be a charge, and it will delay your shipping (we do not charge for a change in the ribbon:)
6.  Stem orders will be packed and shipped on Fridays.
7.  Due to the large request in custom dying of flowers, all dying will be done on Saturdays.  This allows us a full day to dye all stems for the following week's orders.

Susan Balog 2/07-approval photos Friday Jan 6th

Cindy Perrault 1/16-approval photos Monday Jan 9th(photos will be emailed this evening or 1st thing 1/10)   

Hollie Foga 2/15

  Bridget Fuller-approval photos Friday Jan 13th-rescheduled for Mon Jan 16th due to winter weather conditions

Kylie Hartness 2/30-approval photos Jan 20th 

Fatima Asgar 2/22--approval photos Friday   Feb. 3rd

Twila Thompson 2/18-approval photos Friday   Feb. 3rd

Amber Lechner 3/15-approval photos Friday Feb.
10th-moved to Tuesday Feb. 14

Reynoda Woodley 3/15-approval photos Friday  Feb 10th-moved to Friday Feb 17th

Melissa Coke 3/05 -approval photos Tues Feb 21st

Amanda Taylor 03/01-approval photos Wed Feb  29th

Michelle Lee 03/30-approval photos Thursday March 1st

We are running just a couple days behind. 
We ask that brides please be patient. 
We have some rather large weddings for 2012  and are not taking ANY squeeze ins before our next availabe ship date in October. We would like to make sure everyone is getting exactly what they want and getting the customer service they deserve.

03/02/12- We are experiencing some rather unusual weather.  High winds as well as snow & sleet the past few days. We will get approval photos out as soon as possible.

MARCH 2012
Rhian Morris 04/01-approval photos Friday March 2nd


Laura Lee 4/15-approval photos Friday March 16th

Casey Espinoza 04/01-approval photos Friday March 16th

Chelsea Waters 05/01-approval photos Monday March 19th

Dawn Hardy 04/01-approval photos Monday March 19th

Julie Williams 05/04-approval photos Friday March 23rd

Attention Clients!!
Unfortunately, at this time we have to enforce the policies and procedures stated on the website, estimate, & contract in order for ALL of our clients to be treated fairly.

During the past month we have experienced an increase in the abuse of posted policies that is delaying packages of upcoming clients unfairly.  We are also confronting possible backlashes on forums resulting from enforcing policies recently.

We ask that clients please be considerate of others who have booked their date 6-8 months in advance, are next in line, and who have respectfully followed the policies and procedures without issues.

This is not an issue of our company giving poor service, poorly designed arrangements, or less than premium quality flowers....it's adherence to policies and procedures -plain & simple.
APRIL 2012
Lucienne Steinmetz 05/30-approval photos Thursday April 6th

Mackenzie Lister 05/01-approval photos Wednesday April 5th(working on)
Sharon Bradley  05/15-approval photos Thursday April 6th 

Annie Johnson 4/26

Lisa Elchin 05/01 -approval photos Friday April 13th

We have FINALLY  been able to catch up after the recent issues with policies and procedures. 
Thank you to the last set of brides who have been patient and have respected our policies.
It is has been TRULY appreciated!

Danielle Cote 5/20-approval photos Friday April 20th 

MAY 2012
Sarah Petruic 06/01-approval photos Friday April 27th(moved to May 4th)

Lesley Alexander 06/01/12-approval photos Friday May 4th

Dawn Laybolt 06/09-approval photos Friday May 11th

Amanda Neuman 5/28-approval photos Friday May 11th

Amy Woolbaugh 06/11-approval photos Friday May 25th 

Ilena Savaglio 06/01-approval photos Friday May 25th

JUNE 2012
Alicia Meinke 06/15-approval photos Friday June 1st

Emily Schroeder 07/1-approval photos Friday June 8th

Samantha Bethune 07/01-approval photos Monday June 18th

Nichole Brown 07/02-approval photos Monday June 18th

Joelle B. 07/15-approval photos Friday June 22nd

Tasha Beichert 7/15 -approval photos Friday June 29th(working on-moved to Tues July3rd)

JULY 2012
Ashley Wolf 7/15-approval photos Friday July 6th

Onyel Gibson 8/1 -approval photos Friday July 13th

Sian Hopkins 8/02-approval photos Friday July 20th

Kirsten Cameron 8/1-approval photos Friday July 27th

DeLena Welsh 08/20-approval Sun. Aug. 5th 

Brittani Brinson (Tina Gaskin's niece)8/28-approval Sun. Aug. 12th 

Ebony Mathis 8/27-approval photos Sun Aug. 19th 

Suzette Crespo 9/15 -approval photos-working on

Amber Murray 10/5 -approval photos-will be up Sat. evening

Lori Hutchinson 11/1-approval photos-working on

(ALL approval photos that have been moved below from a rain delay will still be GUARANTEED by the need by date requested, even if Angel has to expedite at the company's cost!)
Tianna Lubitz 10/4-approval photos Fri. Sept 21st-moved to Mon Sept 24th-rain delay

Gemma Weyman 10/10-approval photos-working on-moved to Tues Sept 25th-rain delay

Kaitlin Harning 10/19-approval photos within next 24-48hrs

Jenny Lapsey 10/8-approval photoswithin next 24-48hrs

Irina 10/28-approval photos Fri.Oct 5th

Vivienne King 10/24-approval photos-working on

imberly Lange 11/1-approval photos Fri. Oct 12th-working on

Elizabeth Barrett 11/3-approval photos Fri. Oct 12th-working on

Leslie Lamontagne 11/5-approval photos Fri. Oct 19th-working on

Sarah Freese 12/01-
Emily Morgan 12/01 -approval photo Friday Nov. 9-working on

Alexandria Farrell 11/28- working on revisions

Kim Eversole 12/1-approval photo Friday Nov 23rd(possibly Tuesday 20th)

Christle H.

Renae Gibson approval photo Monday Nov. 26th

 Sabrina Eggleston 1/5-approval photo Friday Dec.7

Raquel Hall 01/22-approval photo -Friday Dec.14th




Jennifer Kidder 1/21-approval photo Sat. Jan 5th

Rebecca de Anda 01/31-approval photo Fri. Jan 11th

Abbie Voelz 02/22-approval photo Mon Jan 21st

Alyssa Gibson 4/1-approval photo Sat. Jan 26th-moved to Sat Feb 2nd

Rian Heffron 2/15-approval photo Wed Jan 30th-moved to Sat Feb 2nd-working on



Kristle Freeman 03/02-approval photo Wed. Jan 30th-moved to Wed Feb 6th-working on-email with photos in 48hrs


Bethany Clarke 03/01-approval photo Sat. Feb 2nd-moved to Wed Feb 6th-working on-email with photos in 48hrs

Ariel Cooper  2/28-approval photo Wed. Feb 20th

Teri Breckenridge Gregory-working on

 Laurie Schultz 04/01/13-approval photo Sat. Feb 23rd

 Cheryl Krueger 03/15-approval photo Wed. Feb 27th

Alia Shibley 03/15-(this a need by date, NOT an approval photo date)-approval photo Sat. March 2nd

We have experienced some delays.

1. Both Noel & Angel have been sick at different times.

2. Weather- significant snowfall has disrupted internet connections & shipments.

PLEASE do not panic! Angel has been doing this professionally for over 12 years and

has NEVER missed a wedding. We plan ahead for possible delays. Contact us before

asking on a forum or drawing your own conclusions:)



Heather Luty 04/01/13-approval photo Wed. Feb 27th(working on)

Trisha Hutchison 04/06/13-approval photo Sat. March 9th(working on)

Jennifer Muller 04/01/13-approval photo Wed. March 13th(working on)

Carolyn Klemmer 05/01-approval photo Sat. March 16th(working on)

Originally, Angel had March 25-April 1 off for Easter vacation with her family, but will be working on packages instead to make sure everyone's package is received by their need by date.  We truly appreciate how many of our clients have been patient and understanding throughout the unexpected delays.  Less stress is beneficial for everyone all around:) 

Katelyn Kinsella 04/18-approval photo Wed. March 20th-moved to Sat March 30

Theresa S. 5/1-approval photo Sat. March 30


Brittany Roshto 5/7-approval photo Wed April 10th-working on
Heather Lobes  5/1-approval photo Wed April 10th-working on
Christina Middleton 5/1-approval photo Sat April 13th- working on
Mei Foley 05/01-approval photo Sat. April 13th-working on
C.Colon 05/01-approval photo Sat. April 20th

Diana Morel 6/01-approval photo Sat. May 4th(working on)
Janette Woolridge 6/01-approval photo Sat. May 11th(working on)
Shari Lindquist 06/03-approval photo Sat. May 18th
Cassandra Gettler 06/12 -approval photo Sat. May 25th

Jenny Cooper 06/22-completed
Kim Vuu 06/24-completed
 Amy Watenpool 

We are in the process of moving to a new location!
Gradual relocation will take place between July 1st and August 8th.
We appreciate your patience as we undergo our move:) 
Samantha Short- Working on-completed
Carolyn McCall  07/27-approval photo July 21st-working on
Devin S. 08/01- approval photo July 26th











We are almost finished with the move!  Whew!  It's been a BUSY month!
Alyssa Tucker 9/07-approval photo Aug 8th

Kristi K. 8/21-approval photo Aug 8th

Jamie Blann 09/01- approval photo Aug 15th

     Tiffany Ryans 09/01
& Heather Bartol 9/10-approval photo Aug 27th
Jessica Hill 10/01-approval photo Sept 4th(working on-dyeing flowers-blue, coral)
Katie Johnson 10/01-approval photo Sept 11


Whitney Mair 10/15- approval photo Sept 25-working on

Kim Haygood 10/12-approval photo Oct. 2

Emily H. 11/01-approval photo-working on

Brianne Arndt 11/15-approval photo Oct. 25th/26th



Kristle Sun 12/01

Alison Albert 12/15

Gladys Orta 01/15




Linda Da Costa shipping January 5th

Cherina Shaw January 24th



Yuka Goven- TBD

Nadine Wells- 03/01

Maggie Zamzow 04/01



Linda Dunning 03/31/14

Caley Hurley 03/25/14

Ginny Newsome 04/14

Ashley Phillips 05/10/14



Carnita Dickey 05/15/14 (booked Mar 2013)

Darcy S. 05/01/14(shipping Apr. 25)

Jessica Root 05/12/14

Anonymous-TC  06/01/14



Jennifer Bertoni 06/01/14

Amber Mueller 05/25/14

Jen Blackwell  06/03/14

PJ Jackson  06/10/14

Kteile Hoch 06/14/14

Christine Goet 06/19/14

Megan Warham 06/23/14

Bryanne Carnegie 07/08/14




Natalie Magestro 7/12/2014

Katie Korpela 08/01/14

Entire Month for LS
Christmas Decor

Jordan Pietrowski 08/18/14


Kristine DeMeule 09/15/14

Michelle McCormick  10/01/14 

Kimberly Thornhill 09/18/14

Audrey O. 11/01/14
Kara Langford 11/01/14
Ashley Allred 11/30/14


Katie Weisser 12/01/14

Holiday Vacation




Holiday Break


Melissa Caisse 03/15/15

Samantha Pardiny 03/01/15

Moriah Wellen 3/01/15


Emily Fleming 4/15/15

Samantha Zak 4/15/15


Ashley Nelson 5/1/15

Stefney Schapel 5/1/15

Diana Blanco 5/7/15


Courtney Ajinca 5/27/15

Lynette Wright 6/1/15

Anna Maria LoPiccolo 6/26/15 


 Michaela Sir 7/25/15 


Courtney Waugh 8/15/15


Meg Engstrom 09/1/15

Megan Considine 09/8/15


Amanda Greenwell 10/1/15


Candace Daley 11/02/15



Brittani Radice 2/01/16



Please call us or email us if you haven't received a response for a quote request within 72 hours.
Our email accounts are overflowing & may accidentally kick out a request.

We'd like to make sure EVERYONE gets a reply:) 

ALL orders being placed after 10/23/10 are now taking a minimum of 6 months. This does not include shipping time.

RUSH ORDERS will be taken and charged a minimal fee.


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